Umpire Development


 2016 Umpiring Workshop Calendar


All Senior/Collegiate teams please look carefully at the Draw for when you have been rostered for Umpiring. As has been mentioned many times before, all teams must supply suitably qualified and/or competent umpires to perform this Umpiring duty.       (MoreUmpiring Information.2 


   An Umpire always Umpires to their right. The below diagram (albeit not to scale) shows the area each Umpire looks after.

 Umpire B governs the Aquamarine area including ALL of that sideline for Throw In calls and all infringements pertaining to that Throw In.      (More) Umpiring Information.1 

Q.  Where does the player stand who’s  team has been awarded a penalty?

A.  The penalty shall be taken by any player  allowed in the area where the infringer was standing unless  this places the non-offending team at a disadvantage.   (More) Umpiring Information.3

  Scoring the Game…….       (More) Umpiring Scoring a game