Umpire Development


Kia ora koutou

It is part of Kerikeri Netball Centre’s mission to provide a quality competition for all. To achieve this we also need to provide confident and competent umpires to ensure games are played in a controlled manner. 

Please ensure that the umpire you have nominated on your registration form is both confident and competent to umpire the game allocated.  This includes being at the required fitness level to be able to have good position, vision and timing.  We all expect and deserve to have a well controlled game and our umpires to have good knowledge of the game. 

Umpires please remember the following:

Umpires can only do 1x one hour game per day – the focus should be quality not quantity. 

Umpires cannot coach while umpiring – we understand with younger grades the coach does sometimes have to umpire but you cannot coach or talk to your players during the game if you are the umpire.

If you have any umpiring queries please feel free to contact our Umpire Development Officer Tanya Nowell.


If you are keen to upskill your Umpiring please contact Tanya or email