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What a year 2020 has been … the challenges presented to us in order to contain COVID-19 have been tough, but necessary and we are grateful that we even got a part of a season.
Unfortunately we have decided to cancel the remainder of the Senior Competition.  The logistics required to arrange a competition in Level 2 is particularly difficult, noting that the penalty for getting it wrong is having the centre shut down.  Netball courts pose a different set of problems to other open air sports, such as football, which have fields that are reasonably spread out.  At the courts every Saturday we have in excess of 800 people either playing or supporting netball so in order to achieve the Level 2 rules we would need to split the courts and only have 4 courts running at a time, with longer breaks between games to undertake deep cleaning .  This would result in the competition needing to run for many hours longer on a Saturday and potentially push back into the Friday arvo/evening as well …. this is a big ask on an entirely volunteer run centre.
In addition to the main rules (contact tracing, limiting numbers to groups of 100, providing sanitiser) there are other rules such as providing sanitiser in buckets to each court to allow sanitising of the ball both before and after the game as well as if it goes out of court and is touched by someone other than a player on the court in question.  The toilet blocks need to be cleaned every 2 hours and in between each game the goal posts must be wiped and the bench seats must be cleaned and sanitised.  Noting all of that, please remember that at the end of the day we are a committee of 8 volunteers and given the fact that Level 2 could be in place for the remainder of our season, it is just too big an ask.  We hope you understand our reasoning.
Final placings for the short season will be posted in due course.
We would like to take another week to work out a plan to see if we can run a junior competition.  The junior teams (Future Ferns in particular) only had two rounds of netball.  If we can figure out a way to give them a competition then this is the area we’d like to focus on.  To do this though we would need a large group of volunteers from our families to assist in making sure we achieved the necessary protocols.  If you are able to volunteer to support the junior competition please reply to this e-mail so we have a better understanding of how much support we would have to help make this happen.
Thank you again for your patience and support.  We are sorry we can’t make this happen for you, but we hope you enjoy the extended break and keep an eye out for our boosted summer comp in order to get your fix of netball for 2020.

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