There are many reasons to be involved with umpiring, whether it be for fitness, to help your own game by knowing the rules, being a Mum and helping control the sidelines of your daughter’s young team, supporting your club by becoming the team umpire or confidentially blowing the whistle at any level of the game.  

Umpiring netball is very rewarding and is fast growing as an individual sport in its own right. It requires fitness, good analytical skills and of course a passion for the sport of Netball. 

It is part of Kerikeri Netball Centre’s mission to provide a quality competition for all.  Nominated team umpires should be both confident and competent to umpire the game allocated.  This includes being at the required fitness level to be able to have good position, vision and timing.  We all expect and deserve to have a well controlled game and our umpires to have good knowledge of the game.

Try taking the Online Centre Theory Test and see how you rate. 

See our Umpires as at 2018.  Please advise us of your Umpire Qualification if we do not have you listed.

Pathways to Umpiring Development

Beginning Umpires

Purchase a Rulebook available from the Control Room, cost $8
Learn the rules and attend any Classes available at the Centre
Contact our Umpire Development Officer for mentoring support.
Umpire Junior Games and gain experience








Centre Theory

Take the Online Centre Theory Test Online Centre Theory

Umpire Games

Progress to Intermediate/Senior Games with Coaching

Centre Badge

This is a practical exam assessed by two Centre Examiners

Zone Theory

One hour written exam set by Netball New Zealand

Zone Badge

This is a practical exam assessed by Netball North regional Panel Examiners

NZ Theory

One and half hour written exam by Netball New Zealand

NZ Badge

This is a practical exam assessed by Netball New Zealand Panel Examiners with Graded Levels



Got a question or need support, please email us to contact our Umpire Development Officer, Tanya Nowell.